Charity Of The Year

Awarded to a charity that has delivered outstanding service to its beneficiaries, promoted and raised its cause, been clear in its goals and strategy, and demonstrated excellence, especially within the last year.

Best New Charity

Awarded to a charity (registered after September 2015) that has made a demonstrable impact since its foundation, achieved awareness of its cause, mission and activities, and set the foundations of excellent management and accountability for the future.

Best Use Of Technology

Awarded to a charity which has demonstrated an innovative and effective use of technology in any area of its operations in 2016/17. Examples could include the innovative use of a website, mobile technology, social media and other forms of technology.

Corporate And Community Partnership

Awarded to a commercial company and a local charity that have had a demonstrably positive impact on the local community in 2016/17.

Arts And Culture

Awarded to a charity active in the arts (visual arts-music-film-photography-writing-drama- dance-design) which has demonstrated passion and enthusiasm in making a significant contribution to the wider community.

Outstanding Achievement Award

Awarded to a person who has demonstrated dedication, professionalism and integrity throughout their career, and who has produced a demonstrably positive effect on the sector through their work and management over at least a 15 year period.

Fundraising Campaign

Awarded to a campaigning team of a charity on the basis of innovative approaches coupled with exceeding funding targets during 2016/17.

Great And Green

Awarded to an individual, school or charity which is having a positive impact on the community and/or raising the profile of environmental issues.

Social Care, Advice And Support

Awarded to a charity demonstrating dedication and professionalism in providing care and support to the most vulnerable people in our community; in tackling issues such as loneliness, dementia support, social isolation, helping to change attitudes and promote the needs of vulnerable people locally.

Young Community Champion

Awarded to a young person 21 years old or under, who have engaged, inspired and motivated their peers or other people in support of a social cause or initiative.

Breakthrough Of The Year

Awarded to a charity for successfully developing something new or different. Areas could include supporter and/or donor engagement, putting a piece of research to good use, extending the reach of the charity or introducing a new way of working.


Awarded to a board of trustees (or management committee) that has championed the charity and has identified and responded to an opportunity for the benefit of the community that the charity exists to serve. Examples could include new ways of working, whether alone or in partnership, and new fundraising or financial models.

Volunteer of the Year

Awarded to the volunteer who has displayed the greatest commitment and achievement to a charity, voluntary sector organisation or the community.

Best Marketing Campaign

Awarded to the best marketing campaign, which included one or more of the following elements: direct mail, telemarketing, advertising, branding, anniversary marketing, loyalty schemes, visual marketing and use of brand ambassadors, social media.